to International Detonation Symposium, 2006

Session Chairs

The authors have been asked to submit their manuscripts and clearance for publication by June 30th. After the clearance for each paper is received, the paper will be displayed on this web site. You can view, or download and save, or print, the papers from the web site. Please start reviewing the papers assigned to you as soon as possible once they appear on the web pages, and complete an initial review of each paper before the Symposium. This gives authors the opportunity to make the necessary changes and discuss their papers with you during the Symposium.

We request that the manuscripts be thoroughly reviewed with attention to technical details similar to when you would review papers for high-quality peer-reviewed journals. We suggest that you consider the following questions as you review each paper. You are not required to comment on each but to consider the overall quality of the work.

The Proceedings editors will check the format of each paper; however, it would be helpful if you too would note obvious departure from the template that is included in the web site under “Manuscript Instructions”, “Formatting Guidelines”.

Enter your reviews here.

As you review each paper the author will get an automatic email noting that his/her paper has been reviewed. Once they edit, you will get an email noting that an edited version of the manuscript has been submitted. Once you read the edited paper on the website, enter your reviews again. This process can continue cyclically until the deadline for final review, August 29th. Thereafter, by September 15th, authors are to submit the final version of their manuscript for printing. Please help us to print the Proceedings in a timely manner by reviewing your papers well in advance so authors can meet their September 15th deadline.