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The first International Detonation Symposium was held in 1951 and was originally a Navy-sponsored endeavor consisting only of a review of approximately 17 papers. Contemporary symposia have increased to over 450 participants with more than 250 papers addressing such topics as: experiments and models of detonation phenomena; shock wave propagation; properties of explosives; and equations of state. The Detonation Symposium brings together scientists and engineers from around the world that are actively engaged in the Research and Development (R&D) of detonation science, shock physics, and associated phenomena. The papers presented at the Symposium are peer-reviewed (i.e., refereed), and competitively down-selected for presentation at the symposium. The event includes addresses by keynote/guest speakers, as well as a poster session and multiple plenary sessions chaired by recognized experts in the focus topic area(s). Questions and comments from the audience at the conclusion of each presentation represent valuable insight into potential solution(s) and further application of the work. A compiled and unified summary of all the information presented during a Symposium (e.g., poster session, plenary speaker(s) presentations, audience Q&A) are fully captured and documented in the published proceedings.

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The Johns Hopkins University Energetics Research Group (JHU WSE ERG) is the organization providing logistical and administrive coordination for the 16th IDS.