Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, MD
July 15-20 2018



The 16th International Detonation Symposium will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, MD from July 15-20, 2018. Registration for the 16th IDS is now open. Click on Registration for more information and the link to the Registration site.

The hotel is now accepting reservations at the 16th IDS discounted rate ($144 per night, single or double occupancy, plus 13% tax and $25 per day facility fee). Click on Accommodations to learn more about the location for the 16th IDS and to make a reservation.

Schedule of Events

mid-August 2017
1st Call for Extended Abstracts
18 September 2017
2nd Call for Extended Abstracts
13 October 2017
Abstracts Due (Extended)
1 February 2018
Acceptance/Rejection Notifications Sent
22 June 2018
Hotel Reservation Due
2 July 2018
Manuscript Deadline

Topical Areas

  Studies directly related to specific weapons systems are not addressed in this symposium.

 Detonation and Sub-Detonative Phenomena
  • Unreacted & reacted equations of state of explosives
  • Detonation reaction mechanisms and kinetics
  • Detonation transients, stability, and failure
  • Shock to detonation transition
  • Deflagration to detonation transition
  • Safety-related properties and responses
  • Sub-detonative responses
  • Initiation and detonation modeling
  • Hazards response modeling
  • Sub-detonative response modeling
 Molecular and Meso-Scale Effects
  • Chemical structure-detonation performance relationships
  • Chemistry at high temperature and pressure
  • Micro-structural effects
 New / Non-Traditional Materials
  • Nano/reactive materials
  • Composite and non-ideal explosives
Thermal and Mechanical Properties
  • Static and dynamic mechanical properties
  • Thermal and mechanical damage effects
 Advanced and novel experimental techniques

Contact Us:

Questions? Email info@intdetsymp.org
or call 410-992-7302, ext. 215 (Shelley Cohen)

The Johns Hopkins University Energetics Research Group (JHU WSE ERG) is the organization providing logistical and administrive coordination for the 16th IDS.